The World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation

will be held over Zoom on

                                          Sunday,  March 27, 2022

                                                  hosted by the Baha’i community


                                                    Stay tuned for more the link and more details as we get closer to the date!  

World Sabbath

The World Sabbath interfaith service grew out of concerns raised by wars that had been raging around the world – in Serbia, Kosovo, Ireland and the Middle East 워드프레스 사용법 다운로드.

The Rev. Rod Reinhart decided to underscore the message that God was a God of peace, and in spite of all the differences and disagreements among religious groups, the central message of all faiths was that we are all called upon to build a world of tolerance and justice microsoft office 2013 무료. So Rod created and proclaimed the World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation – the interfaith holy day of Peace and Reconciliation among all religions, races, ethnic groups and nations jquery ui css.

The Rev 행복한 나를 mr 다운로드. Reinhart took this idea to Father Ed Mullins at Christ Church Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, and Father Ed felt called upon to make Christ Church Cranbrook the host and center of the World Sabbath Interfaith Holy Day, starting in the year 2000 율리시스 영화 다운로드.

The World Sabbath consists of offerings of prayer by presenters from many beliefs and of a Children of Peace procession.

Browse this year’s program for more details Oracle 11g r2 download.

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