Children of Peace – Banners, Quilt and Music

Children of Peace


The Children of Peace Quilt Project is an interfaith activity, and in different phases, it is displayed as part of the annual World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation service. The Quilt Project exists to model, promote, and inspire creative social action on the part of our youth.

In an earlier phase of the project, children of many faith traditions, of elementary school and middle school age, are encouraged to explore what world peace means to them through the decoration of a peace banner. These “Children of Peace” become part of the World Sabbath service processional and are honored during the annual celebration.

Children of PeaceIn a later phase, the children’s banners are subsequently sewn into a multi-faith, multi-cultural quilt promoting world peace, respect and understanding.

To the right the peace quilt is being sown for the Tenth Annual World Sabbath by Virginia Gregoire. Virginia, active in the Allen Park, Michigan sewing guild, loves having the opportunity making the Peace Quilt from children’s banners displayed at previous World Sabbath services.

Children of PeaceBelow Virginia Gregoire, the Children of Peace Quilt appears in its final state, ready for the Tenth Annual service. Afterward, it will be displayed at various religious institutions around Metro Detroit not only to showcase the creativity of our youth, but to encourage them to reach out to get to know their neighbors of different faith traditions, and to stand up to religious, racial and ethnic intolerance.

The spirit of World Sabbath is alive 365 days of the year. Now we must take it home with us and invigorate our communities, so that generosity and compassion will be shared by everyone…

1) Click on the audio link at the bottom of the page to hear the music “We Are Children of Peace” for the youth that will be making flags and singing this song all together at the World Sabbath.  We will be able to get you the CD of this music as well if you contact us. We will not be using all of the lyrics in this audio file.  For the correct music and lyrics, please see the sheet music in #2.

2) The sheet music is available in the link below.

3) Here is the link to the letter to the parents of any Children of Peace explaining the mission and the details of the 15th Annual World Sabbath.

4) Here is the link to the photo and video release form that parents of any Children of Peace need to sign.

Listen to “We Are Children of Peace”