Our Mission

World Sabbath

The mission of the World Sabbath is to teach our diverse population in Metro Detroit that the work of building a community of justice, equality, respect and peace is a calling that we all share – all of us, no matter what our faith tradition might be 다운로드. But most important is the fact that we are impacting our children, our teens, and our young adults.

Our World Sabbath processional includes children of many faith traditions, proudly waving the peace banners that they decorated themselves 다운로드. These children come together to sing the song “We Are Children of Peace.” Every year we honor someone with the World Sabbath Peace Award – someone who is making a difference in the interfaith world, bringing people together to build community! 다운로드!

Clergy of many faiths have been invited to participate in the World Sabbath service, and all the clergy present get called up to read the Congregation Pledge together about building a world of tolerance, justice, faithfulness, and peace 다운로드. What a wonderful lesson for our youth!!

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